Adults 18 Torso SexyDoll, Half Body, Intimate Toys For Men

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Product features:[Realistic doll] Realistic masturbation device with 3D structure, firm and safe. Imitate the real female vagina and anus design. 3D realistic soft touch, realistic labia and anus. Touch them, multi-functional silicone masturbation sexygames and discover your erotic fantasy.[Two opening design-double fun] The real labia enlargement and the tight vagina provide you with double stimulation, and the separate channels provide different insertion angles to meet all your requirements.

[TPR material] High-quality TPR material, as delicate and soft as real hips, soft, flexible, comfortable is what you want. Touch it, it belongs only to you.

[Male masturbating ass] The round and masturbating butt has a sexy curve, very imitating real women. Just like when I first contacted it, an untouched passage, a layer of meat rubs against your penis, making you feel the penis wrapped tightly.[Package and size] For private and careful transportation, we will have a dedicated sealed box, unmarked packaging, which absolutely protects your privacy.

If you want to view nude pictures, please contact us.

Gift: 2 boxes of condoms + 1 bottle of lubricant +1 Red Maru

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Life Aid

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Sexually Suggestive




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Silica gel

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62CM sexydoll

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Anal sexytoys

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Masturbation supplies

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Sexual tools

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toys 18 years old

35 reviews for Adults 18 Torso SexyDoll, Half Body, Intimate Toys For Men

  1. Customer

    Very soft feeling, weighty and easy to grip onto. Toy is pretty easy and fun to use. Weight keeps it from moving and budging.

  2. Customer

    This product looks and feels pretty realistic ! You can tell that it’s made out of great quality rubber, and If I ever needed to I’d order a second one of these in a heartbeat!

  3. D***v

    Доставка обескуражила. Компания DPD привезли помятую и порванную коробку. Куда-то пропал подарочный лубрикант. Просто осталась скомканная коробка от лубриканта. Я в шоке. То ли продавец затроллил, то ли доставщики вскрыли и… забрали. Что вообще произошло…

  4. Customer

    This product is hands down amazing. It is soft in all the right places. In addition, I like the fact they put a spine in it to keep it upright more so it doesn’t flop around to much. The weight is perfect it is heavy enough to feel comfortable.

  5. Customer

    This toy amazing, it’s easy to use and store away. The shape is perfect and works well with any water based lubricant. Also they provide a cleaning stick with it as well. I love how firm it feels and how easily it stands upright. All in all it’s a perfect toy and I know people will enjoy using it.

  6. Customer

    This toy is honestly the most realistic feeling toy I’ve tried yet. It is very easy to use just open the bag it come in. This toy is 100% silicone so I suggested using a water based lube. It’s water proof so you could use it in the shower.this toy is super soft and very playable . the vaginal part is extremely tender and bumpy and the anal part is tight at the entrance lose as you go deeper just like anal in real life. Give this toy a try you won’t regret it.

  7. Customer

    Expensive toys like this feel like a risk and it is a risk I normally would not take. I am so happy that I have this toy a shot! The weight, feel of this toy is perfect. it’s enough to add another layer of satisfaction during sessions! This toy really made me realize that some higher end models are worth the price.

  8. Customer

    I can’t rave about this enough considering the price of this compared to a full size doll. You can have just as much fun with this at not even a quarter of the cost.

  9. Customer

    I’m absolutely amazed and surprised by how awesome this was. This is my first toy I’ve ever gotten because I was always afraid of not feeling the correct sensation. I’ll be honest I felt a little awkward when I was about to use this but oh my god I was so surprised… the idea of a flashlight seemed silly to me because I don’t want to feel like im just jerking off. this is the perfect weight to feel like you are grabbing onto a woman. And a great alternative to getting a full doll which I plan on getting in the future. Take it from an amateur this is a great product

  10. Customer

    The toy is amazing. It feels great to hold. It is as heavy as advertised and i view that as a good thing. You can get really involved and into it when using the product. The holes are quite deep, but do not go all the way through so you must be thorough when you clean it afterwards. I would probably recommend using this in the shower if you have the time!

  11. Customer

    Better quality than a fleshlight that I have and the feel is better as well. You won’t find a better one for the price. Worth every penny I love it!

  12. Customer

    Feels very real. Good weight and size. And a satisfying amount of jiggle while using it. It is definitely the best toy for your money in regards to feeling, realism, and quality.

  13. Customer

    First time buying anything like this but Love it! It has good weight to it. Very sturdy. Vag very realistic. Don’t regret my purchase at all. Came quickly and discreetly packaged.

  14. Customer

    “Plenty of lube for this little beauty was needed to slip myself in, but once I was in I knew I was in for a thrill! After a good while of stroking, alternating between fast and slow, and watching the smile on my OH’s face, I climaxed so hard I almost hit the ceiling! lol The hole to create a harder suck effect is an added bonus! Great fun at an excellent price!”

  15. Customer

    I can’t believe there’s actually a product that is almost identical to a real one! This is amazing, the texture and the way you can use it is really unbelievable, you won’t regret buying this, the best sexual toy ever!!

  16. Customer

    This might be my new favorite toy. It’s really soft but still firm where you need it. The internal spine is nice so it doesn’t flop all over the place too. If you have a bullet vibrator try sticking it in the other hole when you’re using it for even more fun.

  17. Customer

    The doll is very soft but feels durable. The channels are great and I love the look of it. I like that it’s smaller so it doesn’t take up as much space and is easy to clean.

  18. Customer

    “Absolutely amazing toy, definitely worth the money. This toy is very realistic and brings a whole new experience into masturbation. We love it and would buy it again and again! She is very realistic and has ridges inside for extra stimulation.”

  19. Customer

    When he carried the parcel, the feeling was as if it would be in her hands now. If you are going to store this baby in the same box, then I advise you to buy a new one, or wrap the tape with the side that got wet. I advise you to buy extra. Lubricant.

  20. Customer

    As a virgin this feels incredible.

  21. Customer

    Climaxed almost must try it!

  22. Customer

    Feels just like the real thing if you use a warming lube!

  23. Customer

    It’s softness and suction is so awesome and quality is awesome. i’ve enjoyed a lot feel’s like doing real.

  24. Customer

    Its well designed and well made,a lot softer that I expected,feel like real things

  25. Customer

    perfect balance-really soft & flexible,but is not over-stimulating.Good product….

  26. Customer

    The ability to last after oft repeated uses in a toy that inspires me to use it again and again is a great toy to keep around.Fabulous feeling that keeps me coming back for more,night after night.Great product for the money.

  27. Customer

    Very very very easy to clean and it doesn’t have that factory smell to it and it huge bigger then I expected in all i give it 5 stars it very good

  28. Customer

    This thing is amazing, i didnt even last 1 minute….

  29. Customer

    Great product!!!

  30. Customer

    I did try it and I’m telling you! It feels good!

  31. Customer

    I give it to my friend for his birthday he told me he has much fun with it haha

  32. Customer

    Thanks guys, I can now fulfill my desires to never leave my house unless it’s for work!

  33. Customer

    This product is the best thing I’ve ever had! For starters, the shipping time was impressive; it came in confidential packaging.This is by far the best gift I gave to myself LOL

  34. Customer

    This thing is amazing, it’s a must have for every guy !

  35. Customer

    Very soft and easy to use! Such a fun to to have in the bed room and would be a great gift

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