Very Beautiful and high quality Doll, Hair Soft Jelly, EVO Skeleton, Full Silicone, Real SexyDoll


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About CST Doll

Chu Shui Tang also know as CST, it have 16 years experience on the field of sexyrelated products. In 2020 CST got over 15 million investment and released over 15 different female doll to the market. For the cheaper price, high quality, good body ratio, it got a lot big fans, especially during 2020 Guangzhou expo.

Why CST Doll

1, Full silicon, High Quality
CST Doll bring many high quality dolls to the market, just like the Catfish Effect, the doll industry got a great improvement in 2020, Full silicon doll is the field what the CST Doll working on, EVO skeleton, realistic skin, ultra soft breast, perfect ratio body, we strive for better quality dolls.

2,Cheaper price
For full silicon dolls, CST doll have better price, around 20% cheaper than same quality dolls.

3, Professional
Over 16 year experience on sexyproducts, we know out clients, we know what our client need. All the CST Doll design for better sexyexperience

4,Care free
Silicon doll is more friendly for newbie to take care, no easy to be stained, no need too much time to style and do makeup for her.

Album of Linlin

Theres is photos of Linlin, you can see perfect body ratio, pretty face.
Note: 165 cm height full silicon with none-screws standable option

CST Platinum Silicon Doll VS TPE Doll

With Silicon Doll
1, Longer life
2, Less oil
3, No smell
4, Better details

EVO Skeleton&Without Screw Standing

With EVO skeleton, you doll can do more poses. Without screw on the buttum of the feet, looks much better.
Click the feet to cusomize this options

Different Dgree Softness

There are 7 degrees on different body parts, you it touch more close to human being.

Body Data

You can see the different of 155, 160, 165 cm heighy doll’s body and the data of the bodies

Additional information

Sexually Suggestive




Item Type



Medical Grade Silicon&Metal

Model Number




Body Makeup

S-grade with veins


Vaginal, Anal, Breast, Feet, Hand



Package Specification


Net Weight


Package Weight



Lingerie*1 Doll*1 Manul*1


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